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Phonebook Updaters

Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Department
Buss, Mrs Karla 9313 kbuss ORAN.1.02 Academic Office
Dickinson, Mrs Angela 9314 angelay ORAN.1.02 Academic Office
Entwisle, Ms Samantha 4025 same CONF.G.01 Accommodation Services
Babaei, Mr Hossein 9668 hbabaei M.2.08 Admissions Office
Williams, Ms Janine 8931 sedgwick M.2.08 Admissions Office
Duncan, Mr Jason 5140 jduncan M.2.08 Admissions Office
Maynard, Ms Paula 4551 pmaynard J.G.05 ALPSS Division Office
Kilgour, Mr Euan 4008 euan K.G.04 ALPSS Division Office
Gosnell-Maddock, Miss Rachel 4046 rgosnell Anthropology
Hooper, Mr Ashley 8062 ahooper ITS.1.12 Application Services
Davey, Mr Douglas 6785 douglasd ITS.1.12 Application Services
Williams, Miss Kirsty 6700 kirstyw ITS.1.12 Application Services
McInnes, Mr Myles 9153 myles ITS.1.12 Application Services
Blackwell, Mr David 9595 dblackw ITS.1.12 Application Services
Collins, Mr Michael 9596 colly ITS.1.12 Application Services
Ross, Mr Jamie 6255 jross ITS.1.12 Application Services
Armstrong, Miss Kirsty 4974 karmstro FM.G.21 Business Administration Management
Smith, Mrs Lissa 4839 lissas M.1.04 Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning
Simmons, Mrs Brenda 4435 brendas M.1.04 Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning
Cullen, Miss Alexandra 4932 acullen I.3.16 Chinese
Webster, Mrs Bronwyn 4647 bronwyn G.1.22 Computing & Mathematical Sciences,School
Gray, Ms Alison 838 4086 agray G.1.22 Computing & Mathematical Sciences,School
Bourne, Mrs Lynn 4980 lbourne FM.G.22 Corporate Services
Murrell, Ms Chris 4008 chrism MSB.3.22 Cts FASS, FLAW, FMIS & WMS
Kilgour, Mr Euan 4008 euan K.G.04 Cts FASS, FLAW, FMIS & WMS
Willows, Mrs Jen 4008 jwillows MSB.3.22 Cts FASS, FLAW, FMIS & WMS
Vallabh, Mr Mike 4959 mike G.G.11 Cts FCMS & FSEN
Elphick, Jacqui 4516 nelmes G.G.26 Cts FCMS & FSEN
Cowan, Mr Paul 9597 plite TC.1.21 Cts FEDU, FHSP, Student Centre & Divisio
Wood, Mrs Ai Phing 4744 apwood TC.1.21 Cts FEDU, FHSP, Student Centre & Divisio
Duijnmayer, Mr Andre 8901 ad5 ITS.1.04 Data Services
Joe, AProf Stephen 4073 stephenj G.2.28 Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Breen, Ms Sonya 4216 sonya M.1.04A Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic
Tainui, Miss Louise 4446 ltainui TSR.2.11 Development Office
Graham, Mrs Denyse 5171 denyse TW.1.12 Division of Education
Heke, Miss Tania 7919 taniaw TC.2.30 Division of Education PVC's Office
Cowley, Mrs Sarah 4224 robertss TC.2.31 Division of Education PVC's Office
Heta, Mrs Jaki 5003 hetaj MSB.3.38C Division of Management PVC Office
Woutersen, Mrs Emma 4062 emmam FG.1.03 Division Office
Whyte, Mrs Barbara 3563 bwhyte TCBD.4.03J Education, School of (SOE)
Harris, Mrs Karen 4031 kharris TT.5.03B Education, School of (SOE)
Dalbeth, Ms Mary 4266 dalbeth E.2.06 Engineering
Cullen, Miss Alexandra 4932 acullen I.3.16 English Programme
Douch, Ms Frances 4702 frances J.2.13 Environmental Planning
Booth, Mrs Anthea 4737 antheab ITS.G.30 Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies
Douch, Ms Frances 4702 frances J.2.13 Geography Programme
Schirley, Mrs Ruth 4122 ruthcam SVSW.G.03 Halls of Residence
McKay, Janice 4003 jmckay B.3.23 Human Resource Management
Smith, Miss Tash 8619 tashms B.3.14 Human Resource Management
Peel, Ms Sarah 4163 speel ITS.G.85 ICT Procurement
Spriggs, Miss Tina 9793 tspriggs ITS.G.65 Information and Technology Services
Te Amo, Miss Michelle 4458 shellsta UL1.G.10 Institute of Professional Learning
Neilson, Mrs Kay 4421 kay UL2.G.06 Institute of Professional Learning
Fraser, Mrs Tess 8498 tfraser TSR.2.15 International Office
Taulu, Mrs Rebecca 4195 rtaulu TSR.2.15 International Office
Chen, Ms Freda 9470 fmeizhu International Office
Taylor, Ms Deonne 4268 deonne M.2.08 International Student Services Office
Chaiyindeephum, Mrs Pranee 6892 pranee ITS.G.72 ITS Network Administration
Zhong, Mr Victor 4381 vzhong ITS.G.72 ITS Network Administration
Hartley, Miss Kendra 4111 khartley M.3.13 Library Management Office
de Ruyter, Mrs Karen 4002 deruyter TSR.3.11 Marketing Division
Findon, Mrs Sheree 4040 sfindon K.3.04 National Institute Demographic Economic
Conroy, Miss Lara 5176 lconroy B.1.10 Office of Vice-Chancellor
Kennedy, Miss Brylee 9462 bkennedy B.1.10 Office of Vice-Chancellor
Deverson, Mrs Tamara 4452 tamarad B.2.03 Office of Vice-Chancellor
Ward, Mrs Marie 4006 mariew B.1.10 Office of Vice-Chancellor
Bell, Mr Mike 8894 mikebell B.3.11 Organisational Development and Wellness
Douch, Ms Frances 4702 frances J.2.13 Political Science & Public Policy
Nicol, Ms Helen 4833 helenn MSB.3.35 Professional Programmes
Hawthorn, Mr Aaron 9604 aaron ITS.1.04 Programme and Commercial
Simpson, Mrs Sybil 9301 sybils MSB.3.38 Programmes and Accreditation
Vuursteen, Mrs Lois 4166 loisv TSR.3.37 Research and Enterprise
Hayward, Ms Maxine 9281 maxineh MSB.3.12 School of Accounting, Finance and Econom
McLean, Mrs Vanessa 4543 vmclean I.4.22A School of Arts
Henson, Mrs Carolyn 4308 henson1 I.4.22 School of Arts
Cullen, Miss Alexandra 4932 acullen I.3.16 School of Arts
Rasdall, Mrs Esther 5096 erasdall M.0.02 School of Graduate Research
Wang, Ms Helena 4082 helenajw MSB.4.10 School of Management and Marketing
Lomas, Miss Sade 4064 slomas MSB.4.10 School of Management and Marketing
Jervis, Mrs Lori 9276 lorij MSB.2.32H School of Management and Marketing
Walsh, Mrs Donna 9222 dwalsh K.1.12 School of Psychology
Edwards, Ms Gloria 4022 gloria E.2.20 School of Science
Smith, Ms Vicki 4024 vsmith E.2.20 School of Science
Martin, Fiona 4027 fmartin E.2.20 School of Science
Weiss, Ms Soli 0000 weisss UWS1.0.00 School of Science
Taite, Ms Breanne 4047 breanne J.3.20 School of Social Sciences
Gosnell-Maddock, Miss Rachel 4046 rgosnell K.2.27 School of Social Sciences
Mulder, Miss Monique 4030 mmulder J.3.25 School of Social Sciences
Douch, Ms Frances 4702 frances J.2.13 School of Social Sciences
McLean, Mrs Vanessa 4543 vmclean I.4.22A Screen and Media Studies Programme
George, Mrs Sarah 6398 sgeorge BX.G.11 Security
Gubb, Mrs Lynette 4008 lynetteg ITS.G.52 Service Management
Cross, Mrs Cathy 4569 catcam ITS.G.51 Service Management
Mason, Ms Michele 6821 mmason ITS.G.52 Service Management
Ness, Mr Dan 3522 dness TCBD.1.22 Service Operations
Gerona, Mr Rhoel 3594 rgerona TCBD.4.02 Service Operations
Medina, Mr Regi 3593 rmedina TCBD.1.03 Service Operations
Gosnell-Maddock, Miss Rachel 4046 rgosnell K.2.27 Sociology and Social Policy
Goudie, Mrs Felicia 9490 feliciac ITS.1.04 Solution Delivery
McEwan, Dr Brett 8895 bjmcewan CONF.G.02 Student Accommodation
Winchcombe, Mr Martin 9672 mwinchco M.2.08 Student Administration
Fox, Miss Rachel 4120 rachelf M.2.08 Student Administration
Waddington, Ms MJ 5144 mjw M.2.08 Student Experience and Support
Coup, Mrs Vicki 4037 vcoup CHSS.G.39 Student Health
Dibble, Mrs Jill 4171 jdibble Student Health
Kohli, Mrs Manishi 5276 mkohli SUB.1.12A Student Management Systems
Aplin, Mr Layton 4764 layton ITS.G.68 Systems Administration
Hesqua, Mrs Natalie 3512 hesqua TCBD.1.01E Tauranga Office
Springall, Miss Jodie 3516 jspringa TCBD.1.22 Tauranga Office
Kawerau-Wade, Miss Kalleisha 3514 kkawerau Tauranga Office
Lagerwaard, Mrs Angel 3513 dunnea TCBD.1.01E Tauranga Office
Cooper, Mrs Leanne 3519 lmcooper TCBD.1.22 Tauranga Office
Lipinski, Mrs Lynda 3518 lipinskl TCBD.1.22 Tauranga Office
John, Mrs Tiruni 3520 tirunij TCBD.1.22 Tauranga Office
Jones, Mr Ben 3511 jonesb TCBD.1.01E Tauranga Office
Gray, Ms Alison 4086 agray TT.6.05A Te Huataki Waiora - School of Health
Crawford, Mrs Dean 9587 dcrawfor Te Huataki Waiora - School of Health
Pope, AProf Clive 7838 cpope TT.6.14 Te Huataki Waiora - School of Health
Nikora, Ms Tuti 4671 tnikora Te Kotahi Research Institute
Jones, Mrs Nadia 9182 nadiajo ITS.G.19 Te Pua Wananga ki te Ao
Castle, Mrs Evie 9590 ecastle SRC.G.05 UniRec
Noble, Ms Mary-Anne 9591 noblemt SRC.G.19D UniRec
Pentecost, Mrs Tina 5129 tpenteco SRC.1.04 UniRec
Drummond, Ms Margaret 6110 mdrum TW.1.08 Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educat
Robson, Sarah 4345 srobson MSB.1.46 WMS Student Centre
Burkhart, Ms Tania 4546 tania MSB.1.49 WMS Student Centre

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838  then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858  then extension (for extensions starting with 5)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837  then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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