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Extension: 4111
Fax: 07 838 4017


Information Resources
Collections Team
Library Systems Team
Library Management Office
Teaching and Research
Academic Liaison Services
Library Information Services
Library Law Library
Library Mātangireia Collection


Information Resources
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
McCallum, Ms Fiona6096fmccalluM.3.13Library Data Analyst
Macdonald, Amy4530amymacTL.2.20Assistant Librarian
Collections Team
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Bryant, Mrs Meg4467mbryantM.2.27Collections Team Manager
Chen, Ms Yilan9133yilanM.2.30Library Assistant
Groom, Mrs Angela9134agroomM.2.30Library Assistant
Hart, Miss Amelia9133ameliahM.2.30Library Assistant
Hartley, Miss Kendra4111khartleyM.3.13Library Assistant
Mooney, Mrs Cecilia9133cmooneyM.2.30Library Assistant
Pennruscoe, Mrs Cathy9133cpennrusM.2.30Library Assistant
Rinaldi, Mr Sash9133snixonM.2.30Library Assistant
Wadey, Mrs Gina9134ginaM.2.30Library Assistant
Wano, Mrs Wendy9134wwanoM.2.30Library Assistant
Wort, Mr John9133jwortM.2.30Library Assistant
Library Systems Team
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Carter, Mrs Jaime4351jnwalshM.1.18E-resources Librarian
Chang, Ms Cathy9136tamsiM.1.18Discovery Services Librarian
Donaldson, Mr Steve5048donaldstM.1.18Library Systems Manager
Grainger, Mrs Annmaree9137annmareeM.1.18Assistant Librarian
Guo, Ms Rui9138ruigM.1.18Assistant Librarian
Hooker, Miss Jenny9136jhookerM.1.18Cataloguing Librarian
Leighton, Ms Beth9140bleightoM.1.18Assistant Librarian
McGuire, Miss Maria9139mmcguireM.1.18Library Assistant
Munro, Miss Amee9128ameemAssistant Librarian
Noonan, Mr Hamish9135hnoonanM.1.18E-resources Librarian
Rigo Napoli, Mrs Romy9140rrigonapAssistant Librarian
Stone, Mr Peter4228pstoneM.1.18Technology Manager027 240 9036
Taner, Mrs Ozlem9140otanerM.1.18Assistant Librarian
van de Pas, Mrs Katie9610kreichM.1.18Library Web Developer
Young, Mr Fred4323fyoungM.1.18Library Systems Developer

Library Management Office
Extension: 838 4111
Email: libraryadmin
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Campion, Miss Michelle4204cshellM.3.13Records Manager
Hartley, Miss Kendra4111khartleyM.3.13Office Manager
Lynch, Ms Helen4981hlynchM.3.13Planning and Collections Strategy L
Park, Ms Lois4527lparkM.3.13Records Assistant

Teaching and Research
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Howie, Miss Jessica4762jessielM.3.13Research Services Librarian
Saravani, Dr Sarah-Jane4572saravaniM.3.15Assoc Uni Librarian, Acad & Researc0220673359
Academic Liaison Services
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Chivers, Ms Melanie9129mchiversM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Dada, Ms Debby9395ddadaM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Enright, Mr Nat9131nenrightM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Ferrier-Watson, Anne9130annefwM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Goodbehere, Mrs Jane9127janegM.4.10Assistant Librarian
Kara, Miss Hinerangi4754hinekM.4.10Maori and Indigenous Services Libra
Lamb, Mr Alistair5104alambM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Wallace, Mr Ritane9649rwallaceM.4.10Maori Academic Liaison Librarian
Ward, Mrs Cheryl9132cwardM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Wilkinson, Mr Clive4749cwilkinsM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian
Library Information Services
Extension: 9142
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Aota, Mr Takashi9122takashiM.2.24Librarian Information Services
Hawthorn, Mrs Bryony4985bhawthorM.2.25Information Services Manager
Langdon, Ms Elsie3582elsiemayTCBD.1.03Information Services Librarian
Rielly, Mrs Theresa9122triellyM.2.24Librarian Information Services
Silvester, Mr Matt9122msilvestM.2.24Information Services Librarian
Smith, Mr Garth9122sgarthM.2.24Information Services Librarian
Library Law Library
Extension: 8628
Fax: 07 838 4017
Email: libylaw
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Pooley, Miss Em9125emmapM.4.10Law Librarian
Rigo Napoli, Mrs Romy4229rrigonapM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian, Law
Taylor, Mrs Carolyne4507carolyneM.4.10Academic Liaison Librarian, Law
Library Mātangireia Collection
Extension: 4754
Fax: 07 838 4754

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838    then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858    then extension (for extensions starting with 50, 51, 52, or 56)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 577    then extension (for extensions starting with 53)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837    then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 2620  then + the last 3 digits of the extension e.g. 3123 = +64 7 262 0123 (for extensions starting with 3)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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