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Science and Engineering, Faculty of



Co-Operative Education Unit
SOE Academics
SOE Office
SOE Technical
Environmental Research Institute
Faculty of Science & Engineering Office
FSEN Student Services
FSEN Support Services
Computer Support
Workshop / Stores
School of Science
School of Science, Administration
SOS Assistant Deans
Technical Services
Earth Science
Science and Engineering Services
The Intl. Global Change Inst.


Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Dyer, Prof Mark9541mdyerFG.1.02Dean of the School of Engineering
Hewitt, Prof Chad4386chewittFG.1.04Dean of the School of Science0220669848

Co-Operative Education Unit
Extension: 07 837 9454
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Zegwaard, Dr Karsten4892karstenE.G.16ADirector, Cooperative Education027 445 5686
McCurdy, Ms Susan4626mccurdysE.G.04Science Work Placement Coordinator021 058 0401
Morrison, Ms Jewal4100jewalE.G.04Placement Coordinator027 225 3925
Mitchell, Miss Nicole4517nmitchelE.G.04Placement Coordinator
Zegwaard, Dr Karsten4892karstenE.G.16ASenior Lecturer027 445 5686
Pilott, Ms Le Vonne837 9454paullE.G.04Placement Coordinator/Administrator

Extension: 4266
Fax: 07 838 4835
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Chen, Prof Yifan9545yifancG.2.17Professor-Associate Dean
Gavin, Ms Chanelle5268cgavinEF.2.04Sessional Assistant
Gazawi, Dr AmroN/AagazawiTeaching Fellow (HEBUST)
Higgins, Mr Peter5101phigginsLSL.G.25Advanced Technical Officer
Shaw, Miss Natalie4026nshawE.2.06School Administrator
Singh, Dr Ajit Pal4266apalsingE.2.07Teaching Fellow (HEBUST)
SOE Academics
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Carson, Dr James4206jkcarsonEF.3.01Senior Lecturer
Cree, Dr Michael4301creeDE.2.02Senior Lecturer
Duke, Prof Mike4522dukemdCD.1.02The Dr John Gallagher Chair in Engi
Ilanko, Prof Ilanko9380ilankoD.2.03Professor021 023 5077
Kularatna, AProf Nihal5102nihalkulEF.3.03Associate Professor
Kunnemeyer, AProf Rainer4630rainerCD.3.03Associate Professor
Lay, Dr Mark4556mclayD.G.20Senior Lecturer
Pickering, Prof Kim4672klpEF.2.01Professor
Scott, Prof Jonathan4909scottjC.1.10Professor
Steyn-Ross, AProf Alistair4340asrDE.2.01Associate Professor
Steyn-Ross, Prof Moira4585msrC.1.16Professor
Torrens, Dr Rob4684torrensLSL.G.32Lecturer
Verbeek, AProf Johan4947jverbeekC.3.01Associate Professor
Walmsley, AProf Michael4701walmsleyEF.2.02Associate Professor
Wilson, Dr Marcus4834mtwilsonEF.3.04Senior Lecturer
Au, Dr Chi Kit4406ckauLSL.1.18Senior Lecturer
Berenjian, Dr Aydin5119aydinbEF.3.02Lecturer
Bier, Dr Jim4227jbierC.G.11Research Associate
Bolzoni, Dr Leandro9381leandroLSL.1.20Senior Lecturer
Fow, Dr Alista6469alistafE.2.07Teaching Fellow
Gavin, Ms Chanelle5268cgavinEF.2.04Teaching Fellow
Glasgow, Dr Graeme5269graemegEF.2.03Senior Lecturer
Jia, Dr Mingtu6485mingtuLSL.1.14Research Officer
Langdon, AProf Alan4266aglResearch Associate
Lim, Dr Hin5123hlimLSL.G.02Lecturer
Menzies, Mr Aaron5062aaronmD.G.06Teaching Fellow (HEBUST)
Mochida, Dr Yusuke5068yusukeD.G.06Teaching Fellow
Neshausen, Mr Gordon9408gordonnD.G.12Research Officer
Streeter, Dr Lee4106streeterCD.1.03Lecturer
Swan, Prof Janis4049jswanE.2.08Professor
Yang, Dr Fei9417fyangLSL.1.19Senior Research Fellow
SOE Office
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Dalbeth, Ms Mary4266dalbethE.2.07Administrator
SOE Technical
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Turner, Mrs Helen5027hturnerE.G.09Advanced Technical Officer
Li, Dr Lisa5168lisaliE.G.19Advanced Technical Officer
Nichol, Mr Brett4784bnicholLSL.G.20Advanced Technical Officer
Zhang, Mr Yuanji4542yzhangLSL.1.10Advanced Technical Officer
Chang, Mr Benson5151cpchangC.1.12AAdvanced Technician
Honey, Mr Ian4939ianhD.2.03Technical Officer
McMurray, Mr Shannon9387shannonmLSL.G.31Technical Manager
Wang, Mr Chris9379cwangLSL.1.10Technical Officer
Zhou, Mr Viking4795wzhouC.1.06Technical Officer

Environmental Research Institute
Extension: 07 578 5927
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Battershill, Prof Christopher7501cbattersProfessor-Chair in Coastal Science
Campbell, Prof Marnie4893mcampbelFG.2.02Director
Hamilton, Prof David5046davidhR.2.08Theme Leader: Freshwater Ecosystems
Kirby, Mrs Catherine6517cbryanResearch Support Officer
Lehmann, Dr Moritz5648mlehmannR.1.08Senior Research Fellow
McBride, Mr Christopher4925cmcbrideR.2.12Research Officer
Nguyen, Dr Uyen4022unguyenR.2.10Research Fellow
Ross, Dr Phil7507rosspSenior Research Fellow
Tyrrell, Dr John5122jtyrrellF.1.07ABusiness Manager021 986 967

Faculty of Science & Engineering Office
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Ioane, Mrs Hine4291hioaneFG.1.09Personal Assistant to the Dean027 2646138
Te Puia, Mrs Hannah4290hehallFG.G.06Faculty Registrar
Campbell, Dr Alison4582acampbelF.G.06DAssociate Dean Teaching and Learnin
Catlin, Ms Shelley4292scatlinFG.1.10Faculty Manager
Kunnemeyer, AProf Rainer4630rainerCD.3.03Associate Dean International
Mucalo, AProf Michael4404mucaloF.G.06CAssociate Dean (Postgraduate)
Rodriguez Salinas, Paola9641prodriguFG.2.04
FSEN Student Services
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Hoad, Mrs Renee9378rhoadF.G.06EWeb Administrator
Middleton, Mrs Julia4625mjuliaFaculty Receptionist
FSEN Support Services
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Bell, Ivan4117ivanbellF.G.16Technical Officer
Hegarty, Miss Margaret9564hegartymF.G.06EMarketing and Communications Coordi
Newcombe, Mr Steven4778newcombeF.G.01Advanced Technical Officer021 245 8048
Pritchard, Ms Kim9439kpritchdF.G.06BFaculty Administrator
Wang, Ms Shuping4705swangF.G.06BFinance Officer
Computer Support
Workshop / Stores
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Jarman, Mr Peter4459jarmanF.1.11Advanced Technical Officer021 319 273

School of Science
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Hogg, AProf Alan4707alanhC.G.04AAssociate Professor
Arcus, Prof Vic4679varcusC.2.11Professor
Battershill, Prof Christopher7501cbattersProfessor Chair in Coastal Science
Campbell, Dr Alison4582acampbelF.G.06DSenior Lecturer
Cary, Prof Craig4593carycTRU.G.23Professor
Hawes, Prof Ian7509ihawesProfessor
Henderson, Prof Bill4656hendeE.3.21Professor
Hicks, Prof Brendan4661hicksbjR.2.14Professor
Joy, Mr Kurt4241kurtjTRU.G.10Research Fellow
Kamp, Prof P.J.J.4876pjjkF.2.01Professor
King, Prof Carolyn (Kim)9389cmkingR.2.17Professor
Leonard, Ms Deborah7508dleonardCasual
Leonard, Dr Kaeden7510kleonardResearch Fellow
Lowe, Prof David4438dloweDE.3.02Professor
Morrison, Ms Alice7508amorrisoCasual
Mucalo, AProf Michael4404mucaloF.G.06CAssociate Professor
Neale, Dr James5179jamesnF.2.08ASenior Research Fellow
Pilditch, Prof Conrad9393conradR.2.20Professor
Schipper, Prof Louis4468schipperFG.3.03Professor
Waas, Prof Joseph4286waasurR.2.21Professor
School of Science, Administration
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Edwards, Ms Gloria4022gloriaE.2.19Administration Team Leader
Martin, Fiona4027fmartinE.2.20Administrator
Smith, Ms Vicki4024vsmithE.2.20Administrator, School of Science
Weiss, Ms Soli7501weisssAdministrator027 452 7732
SOS Assistant Deans
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Andrews, Dr Emma4903eandrewsC.2.10Research Officer
Atkins, Dr Martin4937matkinsF.2.08Senior Research Fellow
Balks, Dr Megan4109erth1270DE.1.02Senior Lecturer
Bardsley, AProf Earl5011webEF.1.02Associate Professor
Barker, Dr Shaun4514sbarkerEF.1.04Senior Lecturer
Bird, Dr Steve4723sbirdC.2.01CSenior Lecturer
Browne, Dr Clare4139cbrowneR.2.22Lecturer
Bryan, AProf Karin4123kbryanE.2.13Associate Professor
Bryan, AProf Karin4123kbryanE.2.13Assistant Dean - Research SCHS
Burrows, Judith4688jburrowsC.2.10Advanced Technical Officer
Campbell, AProf David5189davecFG.3.02Associate Professor
Clearwater, AProf Mike4613mclearwD.1.05Associate Professor
Collier, AProf Kevin5169kcollierR.2.16Associate Professor
De Lange, Dr Willem9385delangeDE.1.01Senior Lecturer
Duggan, Dr Ian4703dugganR.2.11Senior Lecturer
Fox, Dr Beth4520bfoxEF.1.03Lecturer
Gemmill, Dr Chrissen4053gemmillCD.1.01Senior Lecturer
Gladstone-Gallagher, Dr Rebecca4022rgladstoR.2.23Research Fellow
Grainger, Dr Megan9621megangDE.3.03Lecturer
Hansen, Dr Rochelle4588rhansenF.2.01ASenior Tutor
Hartland, Dr Adam9390ahrtlandCD.3.02Senior Lecturer
Hicks, Ms Joanna4688jmckenziC.2.10Research Officer
Horstman, Dr Erik9414horstmanE.3.20Research Fellow
Klockars, Dr Anica9386aklockarE.2.14Research Fellow
Lane, Dr Joseph9391jlaneE.3.07Senior Lecturer
Lee, Dr Charles4241ckleeTRU.G.17Senior Lecturer
Liang, Dr Liyin6229lliangFG.3.07Research Fellow
Ling, AProf Nicholas9374nlingR.2.09Associate Professor
Lusk, Dr Chris4205cluskD.1.08ASenior Research Fellow
McDonald, AProf Ian5165irmcdonTRU.G.24Associate Professor
Manley-Harris, AProf Merilyn4384manleyhaE.3.19Associate Professor
Martinus, Dr Ryan4375martinusE.3.08Senior Lecturer
Moon, Dr Vicki9388vgmoonDE.1.03Senior Lecturer
Mullarney, Dr Julia4597juliamEF.1.01Senior Lecturer
Munro, Mr Blair4388bmunroD.3.17Senior Tutor
Needham, Dr Hazel4383hneedhamE.1.09Senior Tutor
Olszewski, Dr Pawel4658pawelCD.2.01Senior Lecturer
O'Neill, Dr Tanya5608toneillF.1.11BTeaching Fellow
Petchey, Dr Fiona4278fpetcheyC.G.01ASenior Research Fellow
Peters, Dr Linda5110lpetersCD.2.03Senior Lecturer
Pietsch Brown, Dr Martina9383mpbrownF.3.10Senior Tutor
Pittari, Dr Adrian4191apittariDE.3.01Senior Lecturer
Prentice, Ms Erica4688eprenticC.2.10Research Officer
Prinsep, AProf Michele9392micheleE.3.06Associate Professor
Rishard, Dr Mohamed5645rzuhairCD.2.02Lecturer
Saunders, AProf Graham4092gsaunderCD.3.01Associate Professor
Stichbury, Mr Glen4460glensF.2.16Research Officer
Summers, Ms Emma4688esummersC.2.10Research Officer
Tempero, Dr Grant4760gtemperoR.2.13Research Officer
Tulloch, Ms Brydget9376btullochR.1.06Senior Tutor
Wong, Mr Lancelot4937fwlanceF.2.08Energy Engineer
Xu, Dr Ganqing5166xu1F.2.05Research Fellow
Technical Services
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
McKinnon, Mrs Helen4192helenmE.2.20ATechnical Manager
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Bell, Mr Dudley4104dgbtechR.2.18Technical Team Leader - Aquatic
Culliford, Mr David7503dcullifdAdvanced Technical Officer021 708 108
Fairweather, Mr Rex7503rfairweaTechnical Officer021 033 2698
Laboyrie, Lee4424janysR.2.19Technical Officer
Powrie, Mr Warrick4424wpowrieR.2.19Advanced Technical Officer
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Barker, Ms Annie4392abarkerTechnical Officer
Cameron, Mr Steve4395stevecamC.3.09ATechnical Officer
Little, Mr John4103jwlittleE.3.15Technical Team Leader - Chemistry
Stockdill, Mrs Jenny4532jennysD.3.05Technical Officer
Watson, Miss Karla8517kawatsonF.3.01Technician
Earth Science
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Morcom, Mr Chris8724cmorcomE.1.16AAdvanced Technician
Radosinsky, Mr Renat5131reradoE.1.15Technical Officer
Rodgers, Mrs Annette5107rodgersE.1.16Technical Team Leader - Earth Scien
Ryburn, Miss Janine4128jryburnE.1.02Advanced Technician
Sandwell, Mr Dean4946sandwellD.G.02CAdvanced Technical Officer
Vincent, Ms Kirsty5163kirstyvF.2.04BTechnical Officer
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Campbell, Mrs Sarah9398scampbeR.1.14Technician
Karppinen, Ms Sari5120skarppinC.2.01CTechnical Officer
Longmore, Mr John4757jel12TRU.G.01Manager - DNA Sequencing Unit
Meyer, Miss Stacey8727smeyerR.1.13Technical Officer
Parker, Mrs Lynne4029lynnepTRU.G.01Advanced Technical Officer
Patty, Mrs Olivia5120opattyC.2.01CTechnical Officer
Richards-Babbage, Ms Roanna4029rrichardTRU.G.01Technical Officer
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Anderson, Miss Katy4278katyaC.G.01ATechnical Officer
Dabell, Mrs Kathleen4278kathpC.G.01CAdvanced Technical Officer
Jackson, Miss Vanessa4278vfrenchC.G.01EAdvanced Technician
Macarthur, Mrs Heather4278heathermC.G.01ETechnician
Milson, Miss Catherine4278cmilsonC.G.01CTechnician
Rabjohns, Mrs Margaret4278rabjohnsC.G.01DTechnical Officer
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Baxter, Miss Lynne9436lbaxterBL2.G.01ATechnical Officer
Cornes, Ms Toni4372tcornesD.1.13Technical Team Leader - Terrestrial
Hoult, Ms Judith4361jhoultD.1.08Research Assistant
Monk, Mr Colin4029monkTRU.G.01Technical Officer
O'Brien, Dr Barry4179barryoR.2.24Technical Officer
Patty, Mr Bruce9394bpattyR.2.26Technical Officer
Rajendram, Anjana4361anjanaD.1.08Advanced Technical Officer

Science and Engineering Services

The Intl. Global Change Inst.

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838  then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858  then extension (for extensions starting with 5)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837  then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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