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Education, Faculty of (FOE)

Extension: 4500
Fax: 07 838 4555


Faculty of Education Dean's Office
Academic & Student Administration Office
Centre for Teacher Education
Office of ITE and Undergraduate Studies
Office of Postgraduate Studies
FoE Institute of Professional Learning
National Centre for Literacy & Numeracy
Poutama Pounamu
Te Hononga Curriculum and Pedagogy
TEMS Education Research Centre
Te Oranga Human Development and Movement
Te Whiringa Educational Leadership and P
Centre for Global Studies in Education
FOE Centre for Educational Leadership
Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educat
Early Years Research Centre


Faculty of Education Dean's Office
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Heke, Miss Tania7919taniawTC.2.30Faculty Manager
Bicknell, AProf Brenda6971bicknellAssociate Dean Academic
Cooper, Mrs Beverley4382bcooperTC.2.75Associate Dean Teacher Education
Cowie, Prof Bronwen4987bcowieTW.1.10Associate Dean Research
Cowley, Mrs Sarah4224robertssTC.2.31Personal Assistant-Administrator
De Toni, Mrs Amy7784adetoniTC.2.33AAccountant
Di, Ms Hongwei4168hongweiTC.2.33International Development Coordinat
Tuteao, Mrs Shirley7831shirltTC.1.02Maori and Pacific Student Support C
Academic & Student Administration Office
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Nicholson, Ms Corinne4663corinneTC.2.74Faculty Administrator
Fermanis, Miss Donna4924dfermaniTC.2.59Faculty Administrator
Lopez-Raman, Ms Lynnette4846lopezlrTC.2.73Faculty Administrator
Rowan, Ms Tracey7721traceyrTC.2.46Faculty Administrator
Ziarno, Mrs Bernice7819tcol2017TC.2.57AManager
Centre for Teacher Education
Extension: 4663
Fax: 07 838 4977
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Cooper, Mrs Beverley4382bcooperAssociate Dean Teacher Education
Kay, Mrs Joan-Marie6213jmkayTC.2.57Senior Lecturer-Student Prac Leader
McPhillips, Mr Clark9636clarkmcpTC.2.69Teaching Practice Coordinator
Merry, Ms Rosina7807rmm10TT.6.03ATeaching Coordinator, Early Childhd
Whyte, Mrs Barbara37 8789bwhyteWIND.V118Coordinator (Tauranga Prim Prog)
Office of ITE and Undergraduate Studies
Office of Postgraduate Studies

FoE Institute of Professional Learning
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Bargh, Ms Julie7059jasmithUL2.G.10IPL Administrator (Central)
Barker, Ms Anne8230habarkerUL2.G.11Senior Facilitator027 353 9688
Bartosh, Ms Roslyn022 097 6048rbartoshSenior Facilitator022 097 6048
Bradford, Mr David027 551 1858dbradforUL1.G.01Facilitator027 551 1858
Brown, Ms Moana027 635 7050moanabUWTA.1.04Regional Coordinator and Maori Medi027 635 7050
Brown, Ms Moana027 635 7050moanabProfessional Leader on the Restorat
Carlson, Ms Leane022 068 8525lcarlsonRegional Coordinator Restorative Pr022 068 8525
Carson, Ms Rachel4329rcarsonUL1.G.13Facilitator
Chamberlain, Mrs Jo022 013 9226jchamberRegional Support Coordinator022 013 9226
Collins, Mrs Shirley07 348 9079shirleycFacilitator027 430 4016
Craigie, Ms Janet06 868 5234janpooleFacilitator - Reading Recovery027 240 9783
Crooks, Mrs Alison027 447 0922alicUL1.G.14Senior Facilitator027 447 0922
Dickson, Miss Awhina5380adicksonUWTA.G.10IPL Administrator (Regional)
Dryden, Ms Shannon027 485 4593sdrydenFacilitator027 485 4593
Dungey, Mrs Beth027 449 4122bethdgSenior Facilitator027 449 4122
Ferguson, Mrs Amanda027 780 4236amandafFacilitator027 780 4236
Ferguson, Ms Kirsty027 318 4527kfergusoRegional Support Coordinator027 318 4527
Foulkes, Mrs Ruth6801rfoulkesUL2.G.03Facilitator027 490 0621
Frengley-Vaipuna, Ms Ingrid022 072 0493ingridfvFacilitator022 072 0493
Gardiner, Ms Gemma027 643 3306gemmgFacilitator027 643 3306
Gardiner, Miss Tammy07 348 9079tammygSenior Facilitator027 424 2359
Geddes, Mrs Stephanie027 268 1852sgeddesFacilitator027 268 1852
Gray, Ms Sheridan022 068 5156sherridgUL1.G.09Regional Support Coordinator022 068 5156
Henderson, Mr Chris021 858 235chendersUL2.G.15Associate Director, Intl. Education021 858 235
Hiha, Mrs Bernadette027 200 0548bhihaFacilitator - Reading Recovery027 200 0548
Hobbs, Ms Joan027 278 0036joanhFacilitator - Reading Recovery027 278 0036
Hodson, Mrs Kathryn9455khodsonUL2.G.13Director022 068 7551
Hynes, Mrs Leigh027 474 6499lhynesSenior Facilitator027 474 6499
Jacobs, Mrs Natasha027 511 3530tashjacoFacilitator027 511 3530
Jamieson, Mrs Mary022 060 8253maryjamUWTA.G.18Facilitator022 060 8253
Johnson, Ms Rhian021 960 478rhianjUWTA.G.14Facilitator021 960 478
Johnstone, Ms Wendy07 843 7855wendyjjFacilitator - Reading Recovery027 344 6322
Jones, Ms Carolyn4483cjjonesUL3.G.02IPL Manager027 478 5885
Jones, Mrs Kath210kajonesSenior Facilitator027 446 6356
Kellow, Mrs Jan-Marie027 471 2457jmkellowFacilitator027 471 2457
Lauder, Mrs Jeanette027 222 1163jlauderFacilitator - Reading Recovery027 222 1163
MacDougall, Mrs Anna5314annamacUWTA.G.14Facilitator027 579 0533
McGarvey, Miss Amiria5106amcgarveUL2.G.06IPL Administrator (Central)027 496 9788
Mackay, Ms Janine022 066 3034jmackayFacilitator022 066 3034
Matthews, Mrs Jo021 149 2070jomattUWTA.G.14Facilitator021 149 2070
Mockett, Mrs Katrina022 066 0799katrinamFacilitator - Reading Recovery022 066 0799
Neilson, Mrs Kay07 843 7855kayAdministrator - Reading Recovery Ce021 152 2999
Newick, Ms Pip5605pnewickUL1.G.15Facilitator027 229 7001
Ormsby, Mrs Teresa07 348 9079tormsbyIPL Administrator (Regional)027 424 2359
Pascoe, Mrs Lyn027 470 7023lynpasMot statements - facilitator027 470 7023
Peterson, Miss Jill5325jillpUWTA.G.14Senior Facilitator027 224 5939
Rapana, Ms Lisa8048lisarUL1.G.16Facilitator021 039 7808
Reeves, Ms Deborah214dreevesSenior Facilitator027 478 6689
Reweti-Martin, Mrs Marama027 283 9266maramarmUWTA.1.04Senior Facilitator027 283 9266
Ronowicz, Mrs Honor027 478 6594honorrUWTA.G.14Facilitator027 478 6594
Ross, Mrs Claire4655clairerUL2.G.05IPL Workshop Coordinator
Ross, Mr Stephen021 136 4912rosssFacilitator021 136 4912
Russell, Mrs Vivienne027 230 0196vrussellFacilitator027 230 0196
Stevenson, Mrs Kay8406kaysteveUL1.G.02Senior Facilitator021 174 6897
Te Amo, Mr Maika022 070 2664maikaUWTA.1.03Facilitator022 070 2664
Te Amo, Miss Michelle4458shellstaUL3.G.02Administration Manager022 019 6947
Terrill, Mrs Gaynor5606gterrillUL2.G.04Associate Director027 446 9677
Watene, Mrs Kay021 210 1499khauaFacilitator021 210 1499
Watson, Ms Alana021 256 0218alanawUWTA.1.04Facilitator021 256 0218
Wills, Ms Colleen027 775 8555cwillsUWTA.G.16Facilitator027 775 8555
Yates, Ms Mandy201aayatesIPL Administrator (Regional)021 257 8424

National Centre for Literacy & Numeracy

Poutama Pounamu
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Egan, Ms Margaret5329eganmmaUWTA.1.15Facilitator - Poutama Pounamu
Eley, Mrs Elizabeth37 5364eleyUWTA.1.16Associate Director
Fengewisch, Mrs Donna5314donnamfAdministrator
Ford, Ms Therese5324tfordUWTA.1.15Facilitator - Poutama Pounamu

Te Hononga Curriculum and Pedagogy
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Tamatea, Mr Karaitiana7814mtamateaTT.3.06Senior Lecturer
Stewart, Ms Christine4640tcolsec9TC.3.37School Administrator
Bailey, Ms Judy7742jlbaileyTL.4.02Senior Lecturer
Bicknell, AProf Brenda6971bicknellTC.2.40Associate Professor
Calder, AProf Nigel(37) 8753ncalderWIND.V21Associate Professor
Calderwood, Dr Richard7737richardcTL.4.01Senior Lecturer
Carss, Ms Wendy7862wcarssTC.3.32ASenior Lecturer
Cheesman, Ms Sue7906suechTC.3.24BSenior Lecturer
Cheng, AProf Maurice6360mauricecTC.1.10Associate Professor
Cobb, Dr Donella8385dcobbTT.3.08Senior Lecturer
Coleman, Miss Claire7867ccolemanTC.3.26Lecturer
Cosgriff, Ms Phillipa6739pcosgrifTL.3.03Teaching Fellow
Daly, Dr Nicola4298nicoladTC.3.32Senior Lecturer
Dean, Mrs Bronya378836bdeanLecturer
Dymock, Dr Sue7717sdymockTL.2.05Senior Lecturer
Earl Rinehart, Dr Kerry4506kearlTL.3.12Senior Lecturer
Edmonds, Dr Katarina6655kedmondsTT.3.06BSenior Lecturer
Edwards, Dr Frances6170franceseTL.3.13Senior Lecturer
Findlay, Ms Helen4369helenfTT.2.08School Administrator - CURP
Forbes, Dr Dianne7844diforbesTL.3.14Senior Lecturer
Fox-Turnbull, AProf Wendy7880wfoxturnTC.1.04AAssociate Professor
Gilbert, Ms Jeanne7800jeannegTL.3.01Teaching Fellow
Gurney, Dr Laura9563lgurneyTC.3.24Lecturer
Harris, Mrs Janene4367jhaTC.3.35School Administrator
Heaton, Ms Sharyn7950sheatonTL.3.04Senior Lecturer
Hill, Dr Richard7818riharaTC.3.32BSenior Lecturer
Hunter, Philippa7817phunterTL.4.05Senior Lecturer
McChesney, Dr Katrina(37) 8947kmcchesnUWTA.1.15Lecturer
McMillan, Ms Hoana(37) 8929hmcmillaUWTA.1.16Lecturer
Mills, Dr Judith8754judithTL.1.01Lecturer
Milne, Ms Louise4680louisemTC.4.05Senior Lecturer
Ratana, Mr Donn7925donnrTC.3.24ATeaching Fellow
Reinsfield, Ms Elizabeth5008reinslTC.4.04Lecturer
Shafer, Mr Derek9709dshaferTC.3.27Lecturer
Sharma, Dr Sashi6298sashiTL.4.10Senior Lecturer
Taylor, Mr Simon37 8745simontWIND.V BLOCKLecturer
Thompson, Ms Kylie7874kylietTT.6.12Teaching Fellow
Wetere, Mr Joshua6246jwetereTL.2.12Teaching Fellow
Whyte, Mrs Barbara37 8789bwhyteWIND.V118Senior Lecturer
Wright, Dr Noeline7861noelinewTW.1.11Senior Lecturer
TEMS Education Research Centre
Extension: 7880
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Eames, AProf Chris4357biol2120TC.1.04BAssociate Professor

Rooms & Resources

Name   Extn.     Room   Description
Anne Hume7880TL.4.05Senior Lecturer
Jenny Young-Loveridge4353TL.4.11Assoc Professor
Susan Pudin8925KP.G.24Graduate Student
Mathew Thomas8925KP.G.24Graduate Student
Damon Whitten8925KP.G.24Graduate Student
Farshad Hashemzadeh6434KP.G.22Graduate Student
Nelson Cyril6434KP.G.22Graduate Student
Jay MacKenzie8208KP.G.23Graduate Student
Sela Tapa'atoutai8923KP.G.20Graduate Student
Pornpaka Chamnanwong8923KP.G.20Graduate Student
Nhung Nguyen8923KP.G.20Graduate Student
Sangion Tiu4503KP.G.18Graduate Student
Wu Yanxia4503KP.G.18Graduate Student
Louise Milne4641KP.G.17Graduate Student
Watinee Udomkun4641KP.G.17Graduate Student
Lorraine Evening8387KP.G.16Graduate Student
Sharon Gee8387KP.G.16Graduate Student
Irene Barnett8387KP.G.16Graduate Student

Te Oranga Human Development and Movement
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Archard, Ms Sara7777sarchardTT.5.10Lecturer
Ballam, Dr Nadine37 8940nballamSenior Lecturer
Brink, Ms Ashlie7845abrinkTT.5.10BLecturer
Cook, Ms Sheralyn8289sheralynTT.5.07Lecturer
Crocket, AProf Kathie8462kcrocketTT.5.10AAssociate Professor
Ellis, AProf Sonja6571sonjaellTT.5.05Associate Professor
Flanagan, Mr Paul7728paulfTT.5.09Senior Lecturer
Hamilton, Dr Carol8578hamiltcaTT.5.06Senior Lecturer
Harris, Mrs Karen4031kharrisTT.5.03BSchool Manager - Human Dev and Move
Kamenarac, Ms Olivera7959oliverakTT.2.12ALecturer
Kelly, Ms Janette4901kellyjTT.3.09ALecturer
Kotze, Dr Elmarie7961elmariekTT.5.01BSenior Lecturer
Paki, Vanessa7704pakiTT.3.09BLecturer
Peters, AProf Sally8386spetersTT.5.03CHead of School - Human Dev and Move
Woodhouse, Ms Hazel4353hwoodhouTT.3.09Teaching Fellow

Te Whiringa Educational Leadership and P
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Arndt, Dr Sonja8245skarndtTT.2.11Senior Lecturer
Bell, Mrs Sussi4660sussiTT.2.09School Manager - Ed Leadership and
Berryman, Prof Mere5330mereUWTA.1.18Professor
Clarkin-Phillips, Ms Jeanette4875jgcpTT.2.12BSenior Lecturer
Ferrier-Kerr, Mrs Jenny6665jfkTT.2.13Senior Lecturer
Findlay, Ms Helen4369helenfTT.2.08School Administrator - ELAP
Fisher, Mr Anthony7836afishTT.2.07Senior Lecturer
Lyall, Ms Maggie5644lyallmTL.2.10Doctoral Assistant
McNae, AProf Rachel7731rachsTT.2.12Associate Professor
Mika, AProf Carl6151mikaTL.2.01Associate Professor
Mitchell, Prof Linda7734lindamitTL.3.05Professor
Morrison, Mrs Michele7875mmorrisTL.3.02Senior Lecturer
Thrupp, Prof Martin4907thruppTT.2.05Head of School - Educational Leader
Centre for Global Studies in Education
FOE Centre for Educational Leadership
Extension: 4369
Fax: 07 838 4369

Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educat
Extension: 07 858 5171
Fax: 07 838 4712
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Buntting, Dr Cathy6047bunttingTT.6.11Senior Research Fellow
Cowie, Prof Bronwen4987bcowieTW.1.10Director WMIER
Graham, Mrs Denyse5171denyseTW.1.12Research Finance Administrator
Hunter, Dr Judy7712jmhunterTW.1.09Senior Research Fellow
Khoo, Dr Elaine6260ekhooTW.1.09Senior Research Fellow
Ryder, Deborah6110dryderTW.1.09Communications Administrator
Schipper, Mrs Angela6652aschippeTL.2.04Learning Hubs Writer
Soanes, Ms Andrea6656andreasoTL.2.03Project Manager - Science Learning
Wright, Dr Noeline7861noelinewTW.1.11Senior Research Officer
Early Years Research Centre

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838  then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858  then extension (for extensions starting with 5)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837  then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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