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Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of

Extension: 4322
Fax: 07 838 4155


Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
FCMS Dean's Office
Institute for Security and Crime Science


Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Holmes, Prof Geoffrey4405geoffFG.1.01Dean Computing & Maths Sciences
Yeo, Dr Alvin4409awyeoG.2.07Developer AGS

Computer Science
Extension: 4021
Fax: 07 858 5095
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Bainbridge, Prof David4407davidbG.1.23Chairperson Computer Science
Robinson, Mrs Tania4915trobinsnG.1.22Office Administrator
Webster, Mrs Bronwyn4647bronwynG.1.21Research Administrator
Abdel Qader, Mr Hisham5652habdelqaG.2.27Research Programmer
Apperley, Prof Mark4528mapperleG.1.25Professor
Bainbridge, Prof David4407davidbG.1.23Professor
Bowen, Dr Judy4547jbowenG.1.08Senior Lecturer
Bravo Marquez, Dr Felipe9642fbravomaG.1.05Research Fellow
Choi, Mr TJ9404tchoiG.B.16Assistant Research Programmer
Cowie, Mr Brad5267bradG.1.01Research Programmer
Cunningham, AProf Sally Jo4402sallyjoG.1.27Associate Professor
Dick, Mrs Lesley4577lesleydG.1.11Ethics Administrator
Don, Mrs Katherine6038kjdonG.2.01Senior Research Programmer
Elphick, Mr Tim4411telphickR.G.13Senior Tutor
Fletcher, Mr Dale5174daleG.2.19Senior Research Manager
Frank, AProf Eibe4396eibeG.2.18Associate Professor
Garcia Ferrari, Mr Tomas4793tomasgfG.G.17Senior Lecturer
Grout, Mr Cameron6590cgroutG.B.17Senior Tutor
Hinze, AProf Annika4052hinzeG.2.26Associate Professor
Kanji, Mr Nilesh5047nkanjiR.G.13Senior Tutor
Kaur, Miss Harpreet9404hkaurG.B.16Assistant Research Programmer
Keegan, Dr Te Taka4420tetakaG.2.25Senior Lecturer
Ko, AProf Ryan4704ryanFG.2.02Associate Professor
Krishnan, Ms Anupama6038anupamaG.2.01Research Programmer
Kumar, Dr Vimal4378vkumarG.1.09Lecturer
Ladur, Mr Aleks9584aladurG.B.18Assistant Research Programmer
Laing, Dr Simon4505simonlG.G.12Lecturer
Luckie, Dr Matthew4299mluckieG.1.30Senior Lecturer
Malik, Dr Robi4796robiG.2.23Senior Lecturer
Mayo, Dr Michael4403mmayoG.2.24Senior Lecturer
Nelson, Dr Richard5054richardnG.1.28Senior Lecturer
Nichols, AProf David5130davenG.2.08Associate Professor
Patros, Mr Panos4651ppatrosG.1.28ALecturer
Pfahringer, Prof Bernhard4041bernhardG.1.24Professor
Poki, Mrs Bronwyn5092bronwynpR.G.22Senior Tutor
Reeves, Prof Steve4398steverG.1.26Professor
Reutemann, Mr Peter5174fracpeteG.2.19Senior Research Programmer
Rogers, Mr William4408coms0108G.2.03Senior Lecturer
Short, Ms Carolina9467carolinaG.G.10Senior Tutor
Smith, Dr Tony4453tcsG.2.26ASenior Lecturer
Soo, Mr Keith4456ceksG.G.18Senior Lecturer
Taube-Schock, Dr Craig4893cschockG.2.20Honorary Lecturer
Timpany, Ms Claire4309ctimpanyG.G.16Senior Lecturer
Treweek, Mr Phillip4410treweekR.G.14Senior Tutor
Turner, Mr Emmanuel4627eturnerG.G.13Lecturer
Vanderschantz, Dr Nic4652vtwozG.G.15Senior Lecturer
Witten, Prof Ian4246ihwG.1.11Professor
Wu, Dr Shaoqun4782shaoqunG.2.21Senior Lecturer

Rooms & Resources

Name   Extn.     Room   Description
Computer Science Office4021G.1.21Computer Science Office
Cyber Security Lab 14798FG.2.07Cyber Security Lab 1
Cyber Security Lab 25643G.B.19Cyber Security Lab 2
Digital Library Lab6038G.2.01Digital Library Lab
Information Systems Lab6011G.2.06Information Systems Lab
Interaction Design Lab8610G.B.21Interaction Design Lab
Machine Learning Lab8766G.2.11Machine Learning Lab
WAND Distributed Systems Lab6254G.1.04WAND Distributed Systems Lab
WAND Hardware Lab6651G.1.32WAND Hardware Lab
WAND Networks Lab6728G.1.02WAND Networks Lab

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Oughton, AProf Sean8326seanoG.3.07Chairperson Mathematics & Statistic
Hunt, Dr Lyn8338lahG.3.21Academic Programme Convenor (Statis
Broughan, Kevin4423kabG.3.27Emeritus Professor
Brown, Mr Paul5279ptb2G.3.30Teaching Fellow
Cavenagh, Dr Nicholas8329nickcG.3.25Senior Lecturer
Delbourgo, AProf Daniel4425delbourgG.3.04Associate Professor
Durrant, Dr Bob8334bobdG.3.31Senior Lecturer
Foote, Mrs Rachael4713rkfooteG.3.19Administrator
Hawthorn, Dr Ian8217hawthornG.3.03Senior Lecturer
Hunt, Dr Lyn8338lahG.3.21Senior Lecturer
Joe, AProf Stephen4073stephenjG.2.28Associate Professor
Joshi, Dr Chaitanya4019cjoshiG.3.22Senior Lecturer
Lim, Dr Woei Chet5148wclimG.3.05Senior Lecturer
Littler, Dr Ray4068littlerG.B.14Honorary Fellow
Litvinenko, AProf Yuri8363yurilG.3.10Associate Professor
Miller, Dr Steven6032smillerG.3.28Senior Lecturer
Oughton, AProf Sean8326seanoG.3.07Associate Professor
Stokes, Dr Tim4131stokesG.3.11Senior Lecturer
Zarredooghabadi, Dr Raziyeh4797rzarreG.3.29Senior Tutor

FCMS Dean's Office
Extension: 4322
Fax: 07 838 4155
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Holmes, Prof Geoffrey4405geoffFG.1.01Dean FCMS
Joe, AProf Stephen4073stephenjG.2.28Deputy Dean FCMS
Campbell, Ms Rosie4322rcampbelFG.G.04Faculty Receptionist
Henderson, Mr Joseph4326josephhFG.G.05Faculty Registrar

Institute for Security and Crime Science
Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Robinson, Mrs Tania4915trobinsnG.1.22Institute Administrator
Apperley, Prof Mark4528mapperleG.1.25Professor
Garry, Prof Maryanne9556mgarryJ.1.17Professor
Holmes, Prof Geoffrey4405geoffFG.1.01Professor
Polaschek, Prof Devon9224polascdeJ.1.03Acting Director
Burton, Dr Joe4724jburtonJ.2.23Senior Lecturer
Joshi, Dr Chaitanya4019cjoshiG.3.22Senior Lecturer
Tamatea, Dr Armon5157tamateaK.1.01ASenior Lecturer
Wu, Dr Shaoqun4782shaoqunG.2.21Lecturer
Kurland, Dr Justin4104jkurlandFG.2.03Senior Lecturer

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838  then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858  then extension (for extensions starting with 5)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837  then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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