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Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning


Extension: 4657


Student Learning
Teaching Development Unit
Waikato Centre E Learning


Name   Extn.   Username   Room   Position   Cellphone
Johnson, Dr Marcia8327marciaW.G.37Director, Centre Tertiary Teaching
Smith, Mrs Lissa4839lissasW.G.46Centre Administrator
Kaur, Ms Manjit4657manjitW.G.44Administrative Assistant
Parmenter, Dr Lynne8697lparmentW.G.29Senior Lecturer
Zalipour, Dr Arezou4634zalipourW.G.39Lecturer
Ferry-Parker, Ms Charlotte4116cfparkerW.G.21Senior Tutor
Haines, Ms Andrea6078ash1W.G.36Senior Tutor
Ballinger, Dr Dean4866deanbW.G.42Senior Tutor
Brown, Mrs Katherine4249kbrownW.G.47Senior Tutor
Campbell, Mrs Lucy9696lucyW.G.41Senior Tutor
Mariya, Dr Maryam9156maryamW.G.33Senior Tutor
Marsh, Ms Dawn4172dawnmW.G.49Senior Tutor
Taito, Ms Mere9187mtaitoW.G.38Senior Tutor
Wagstaff, Mr Ian6421iwagstafW.G.48Senior Tutor
Wells, Ms Marie-Christine8769kvickeryW.G.43Senior Tutor
Young, Ms Vicky4735vyoungMSB.1.46Senior Tutor
Robertson, Mr Nigel4731nwrobertW.G.31eLearning Designer
Annabell, Ms Clementine9616clemW.G.18eLearning Designer
Bright, Mr Stephen4794stephenbW.G.20eLearning Designer
Fester, Mr Victor9695vfesterMSB.3.24eLearning Designer
Gedera, Dr Dilani4942dgederaW.G.28eLearning Designer
Morgan, Ms Tracey5196traceymW.G.79Digital Literacy Adviser
Simmons, Mrs Brenda4435brendasW.G.24eLearning Systems Administrator
Hogg, Mr Chris4455choggW.G.25eLearning Technologist
Shields, Mr William4341wshieldsW.G.26Evaluations Coordinator
Gilliver, Mr Craig9512cgilliveW.G.27Evaluation Assistant
E-Tuts, Cettl9562W.G.79e-Tuts

Rooms & Resources

Name   Extn.     Room   Description  
CeTTL reception4657W.G.50CeTTL reception area

You can contact staff by:
  • Calling +64 7 838 4466  then select option 1, then enter the extension
  • Direct dialling +64 7 838  then extension (for extensions starting with 4)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 858  then extension (for extensions starting with 5)
  • Direct dialling +64 7 837  then extension (for extensions starting with 9)
  • Emailing
  • Using the campus map to locate their room

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